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When it comes to window cleaning, the staff at JB Services are experts in this field. With new and improved ways of making this job easier, we have now incorporated the revolutionary ladder less window cleaning technique, known as the water fed pole system. This practice allows the operative to work from the ground with telescopic poles, making previously inaccessible windows easy to reach. This system gives our staff the access to reach heights of up to 72ft without having to rely on any other equipment while minimising disturbance but at the same time, maintaining privacy for our clients.

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We feel tWindow Cleaning Serviceshat this is the safest way of cleaning windows as there are no health and safety risks involved while carrying out this service. This system is also very cost effective making it an ideal solution when it comes to cleaning windows.

JB Services will always ensure that only 100% purified water is used on the windows while they are being cleaned, leaving them smear free and because there are no chemicals or detergents being used, this system is environmentally friendly. We offer this service at very competitive rates.

  • No need for cherry pickers, ladders or cradles
  • Chemical free making it environmentally friendly
  • Can work from the ground making the work safe
  • Cleans windows, glass roofs, cladding, UPVC and façades
  • Reduces disturbance and maintains privacy
  • Cost effective
  • Can reach in access of heights up to 72ft
  • Reaches all kinds of windows with ease